Helpouts By Google Explained

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Helpouts By Google Explained

Following on from the last post about ‘How To’ videos increasing in popularity and importance in our everyday lives, it is great to see the next step provided by Google. This has come in the form of  Google ‘Helpouts’ which enables students, professionals and hobbyists to learn directly from experts in their field via video. The home page for this can be found in Googles dedicated Helpouts secure Site and is brilliantly executed to provide an easy service.

How does it work?

Google Hangout sessions provides the video connection for this service, as essentially this is a hangout with a specific person based on your requirements. This service provided connects the people with the knowledge on the subject with the people that want it, on a Global scale. So this is like an extension of YouTube ‘How To’ videos but live and personal so you have your own tutor in front of you in a live situation.

This has strong academic applications but is equally applied to professionals who want to learn about a specific topic for example, how to use LinkedIn like a professional. Or for DIY lessons from a professional on how to spruce up the kitchen. This video explains clearly the ways in which you can use the ‘Helpout’ service.



The benefits of Google ‘Helpouts’

Through this powerful medium, real applied situations can be conversed over in detail, in a live conversation, with qualified professionals. Thus reducing the amount of searching that may have to be done to research around a topic for the inexperienced user/person. Also it means that anybody can have the best chance of learning the subject they are passionate about. All they need is a computer or device that can host a browser connected to the internet, implying smart phone or tablet or old laptop. However it is best to use a big screen and a fast internet connection, to make any online experience more pleasurable.

Like all good things, the ‘Google Helpout’ sessions are not completely free. In most cases the first ‘Google Helpout’ session is free but after that, the professionals charge for their services. Which is fair enough as they could be earning money elsewhere and it is their professional time being taken up here.

Although It would be difficult to make a living on this services alone, whilst it is still relatively unknown. Those with digital skills could clearly unlock the commercial benefits given time. I foresee this or a branded version of this being used by educational institutes. Please connect with us by email if you are interested in promoting your services in a ‘Google Helpout’ or your organisations.

The service categories of Google ‘Helpouts’

The services under which the ‘Helpout’ sessions are categorised are below. The only one missing is Health as there is a lack of entries here from qualified professionals that have been vetted by Google. As Healthcare services are potentially more fatal than the other services provided.

Tips for first timers using Helpout services

  1. Install Hangouts before you book
  2. Get the app or plug-in for your device
  3. Helpouts happen over live video
  4. Make sure your webcam works
  5. Buy with confidence, Helpouts are 100% guaranteed

Tips for professionals, to provide their services via Helpout services

Creating a Helpout requires deciding on specific details such as prices, timing and before anything else, what you are going to provide. I’ve noticed that the more specific a title is, the more likely the service is to be found in search.

Once you have created your own Google ‘Helpout’ it is possible to use the mark-up code from your ‘Helpout’ listing or Profile, to promote it on your website. Given ‘Google Hangouts’ nature it is likely to be a personal branding hub where individuals become known on the channel rather than brands.

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