Did you see the Pink Kittens Campaign?

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You miss more than you think glancing at your mobile phone…

The directors behind the video for Pharrell Williams’s hit song ‘Happy’ have teamed up with THINK! to highlight the dangers of using your mobile phone whilst driving. Play the full edit version below, shot in the very familiar surroundings of trendy Old Street, London.

Music: ‘Windowlicker’ by Aphex Twin, Courtesy of Warp Records and BMG Chrysalis


The purpose of this video is to promote the danger of using your mobile whilst driving and how in a quick moment you miss important details. Almost like it were in camouflage it hides behind Pink Kittens, Aphex Twin and the trendy Old Street location to sneak up on its audience to deliver an important message. Cleverly done and great to watch.

We’ve explained the key frames/segments going through the narrative of the story which leads to the distracted driver heading into a mother and child on the road. This moment of impact could have been made far worse than it was but we’re pleased they kept it fluffy like a pink kitten without taking anything away from the importance of their message.

The penalty in the UK for using your mobile phone whilst driving, from In March 2017, has increased to 6 points on your license and a £200 fine.

According to the RAC Report on Motoring 2017, 23% of drivers admitted to using a handheld mobile at the wheel to make or take a call in the past 12 months, and 12% admitted to checking texts, email or social media.

Any time a driver’s attention is not on the road can be dangerous. That’s why THINK!’s latest campaign challenges the misconception that a quick glance at your phone won’t hurt. More can be found on their website. http://think.direct.gov.uk/mobile-phones.html 

1) Did you see the Pink Kitten?

A clip is show from the perspective of a travelling car and the viewer is then asked “Did you see the Pink Kitten?”. The clip then rewinds and plays in slow motion to help you see what you missed. As it plays back you spot one by one an abundance of Pink Kittens in the clip. At this point the end of the narrative is unknown to the viewer and is a fun game of spot of the kitten.
Think! Pink Kittens Ad Campaign


2) Driver distracted by the Pink Kitten on his Mobile.

At the end of the playback you spot the Pink Kitten on the mobile phone of a man driving a car next to the curb. This leads us to the the next step of the narrative.
Think! Pink Kittens Ad Campaign


3) Woman with child walks in front of his car.

The man, distracted by the pink kitten on his mobile phone, misses the woman walking into the road carrying a child.
Think! Pink Kittens Ad Campaign


4) What you miss in a second

The final section builds on this moment when you’ve realised you missed the detail in the clip and so too did the driver distracted by his mobile phone. This moment is used to then inform the viewer about the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving. In particular what you miss in the 1-2 seconds it takes to glance at your mobile phone.
Think! Pink Kittens Ad Campaign


5) THINK branding

The distinctive THINK! branding builds on the previous awareness generated by THINK! and reinforces their authority and clear message of road safety.
Think! Pink Kittens Ad Campaign

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