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We enable you to track the progress of your multichannel marketing using Google Tag ManagerGoogle Analytics and Data Studio. We are able to create focused reports and custom dimensions that measure the performance of all your marketing channels, products, locations and customer types. This gives the necessary key performance data and analytics in easy to use dashboards to make key decisions on results and improvements.

tag manage uses digital marketing

Google Tag Manager enables us to set up and manage your web analytics without having to hack into your website code. Using the same short section of Tag Manager code on every page, instead of the Google Analytics Javascript, we can remotely insert, change and add custom analytics, tags and triggers that are used to fire data to your Google Analytics console. Shown below is an example of how we use custom data layer population to interpret a users actions into data within Tag Manager.

datalayer populator tag manager

The results and analytics use the powerful dashboard features of Google analytics to Segment and create Custom Dimensions and filter data based on specific parameters. For example this maybe to track the number of visitors from mobile devices from the U.S via search results. Or for the tracking of PDF downloads, Social Interactions, Traffic from Social Networks, Amount of Page Scroll, Form Abandonments, Purchase Data, Retargeting, Adwords or Specified Values based on conversions, etc…..

All these can be tracked without having to add any code to specific links. We can create the trigger tags to fire Google Analytics data and set their resulting values all via the tag manager console. Also the data can be reported in our custom reports in the DataStudio as shown below.

seo analytics dashboard data-studio

Based on your requirements, we set up google tag manager, so we can help you increase the knowledge of your customers online and optimise the journey towards conversion.

Website Analytics & Reporting

We provide monthly Google Analytics management plans for all types of businesses

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