Enola Gaye, Smoke Grenades, Photography

Project Details

Company Enola Gaye – Smoke Grenades
Industry Pyrotechnics Manufacturer
Work Creative Photography & Social Media
Results Increased Brand Awareness
Web www.enolagaye.com

Enola Gaye – Smoke Grenades

Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades are the most widely used and popular coloured smoke products, for commercial use across the world.

To promote the ‘Cool Burn Formula’ of Enola Gaye, which produces no external flame. Brands on Digital took a series of creative photographs demonstrating this feature – hand holding their smoke grenades. Initially done as a test shoot, the photographs were then used for promoting Enola Gaye on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter under the relevant hashtags. This increased awareness of the brand and generated interest from an audience based on it’s use in creative production.

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