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  • seo and sem explained

    SEM, SEO and Paid Advertising Explained

    What is SEO & Search Engine Marketing? Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing both work towards driving an increased amount of targeted website traffic from search engines based on the keywords, devices, phrases & locations of a user. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a term used in reference to the paid placement in search results and Search Engine Optimisation…

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  • content marketing explained

    Content Marketing

    Advertising isn’t the only way to promote your brand. You also have the opportunity to create content and distribute it through online publications, blogs, social profiles, email and video channels. To help brands engage with audiences we ideate and create content in a variety of formats and distribute through appropriate channels. Working with our channel partners we are able to…

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  • How to Make your Website Load Faster!

    We share with you how to quickly improve your website loading speed so you don't lose visitors that get bored waiting for your content to load.

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  • GDPR changes email marketing

    Changes in Data Protection, GDPR Checklist

    Do you run a newsletter? If so then get ready for the changes ahead in data protection. The General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect in May of 2018 and will change the way you collect, store and handle email addresses and all user data. Here's a checklist to help you get compliant.

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  • How to Spot Fake Twitter & Facebook Profiles

    Fake followers on social media are a problem and account for a large percentage of users on Facebook & Twitter. In this article we explain how to identify fake profiles on Twitter & Facebook.

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  • Think With Google – Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

    Are you ready to Think With Google? Google recently updated us on their new page speed and mobile friendly testing tool found within Think with Google. For our latest article this month we introduce the mobile performance tool & explain why having a mobile optimised website is the only way forward. We also give some research and insights into mobile…

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  • Instagram to Account for 1/3 Social Media Users by 2021

    Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012 keeps looking savvier and savvier. According to a new report, people posting and sharing on Instagram will account for almost one-third of all social media users worldwide by 2021.

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  • How to Effectively Build Brand Awareness

    Developing brand awareness is a key function, and objective, of all businesses, yet in its ubiquitousness, is often criminally overlooked. In order to make sales, deliver services and drive equity, customers need to be aware of your business. Subsequently, it should equate that the more effort you put into developing the cognisance of your brand, and building your reputation, your audience,…

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  • NFC Vs iBeacon (BLE) | Mobile Payment Solutions

    As Mobile payment transaction volume will grow by 42% to reach 26.9m in 2016, the technologies that make mobile payments happen are all the more important. Near Field Communications (NFC) and Beacon (BLE) technology both give brand marketing new levels of creativity in the context of the customer journey and mobile payment solutions. They both combine clever contextual messaging, new…

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  • Setting Up Negative Keywords in PPC Campaigns

    When planning your PPC Campaigns and optimising your conversion rates, negative keywords are you best friend. Maybe you don’t know which negative keywords are relevant to your campaigns. To help you get started here is a list categorising some of the most used negative keywords. Negative Keywords for Adwords Campaigns It is highly likely however that you already know which…

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