Google Algorithm Changes US and Europe

Changes in Google’s algorithm have a direct impact on what is visible in search results. With the top positions in Search Engine Results pages being the prized positions for big business and brands. An increase or decrease in website traffic impacts a businesses ability to generate interest, sales leads, conversions, installs, plays, downloads, actions or transactions.

The three things that are stopping your brand getting noticed in search engine results are;

  • User Intent,
  • Search Engine Algorithms,
  • Competitive Content

Knowing how search engine algorithms change is important. As this impacts a brands ability to create competitive content and to tap into user intent.

What about these changes, what are they and what do we need to know? 

Firstly you need to work backwards from April the 21st, plan what changes you need to make to make your website mobile friendly.  Google is overhauling their search engine results pages for mobiles devices, so websites that are mobile friendly rank better.

Is your website ready for this? Do you know what changes to make in order to benefit from this ahead of your competition? Do you know which of your web-pages will suffer the most, or which pages you should focus on to make mobile friendly? We can make another post on this,  another post, but this is a good example of the kinds of changes ahead that you need to be aware of when planning your content for search results.

To help you get an overview of the changes made by Google and the resulting impact on websites search visibility, this is a bar chart showing this data. For the US, UK and Germany.

The most severe and frequent changes effecting search engine visibility have been recorded in the UK and Germany. Which are shown below in the results.

How these algorithmic changes have been tracked

The changes are calculated from the rankings of approximately 3,800 keywords and 190,000 URLs, across various industries. The data is updated daily and shows the severity of the changes.

The Overall section shows the Ranking changes factor, which is computed using a proprietary algorithm. The Top 10-50 sections show the number of websites that have had their rankings changed (compared to the previous date) and the percentage (how many websites were affected from the total number of websites). The more websites are affected, the higher the importance of the algorithm update.

Depending on the number and severity of ranking changes, the bar chart colour changes from green (fewer changes) to yellow (moderate changes) and red (major changes). With blue showing search engine visibility being either higher or lower.

UK Google Algorithm Changes

US Google Algorithm Changes


German Google Algorithm Changes 6 months


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